Good Picture - 2005: Inside Digital Output!

An RPS Symposium - Papers Presented

The following papers were presented at Good Picture 2005. With the full approval of the speakers concerned, we have included here links to some of these presentations.

Dr. Harry Adam ASIS FRPS - Output For a Good Picture
Imaging Consultant
The definition of a good picture is dependent on its purpose. The quality of the result depends on many factors. Some of these factors are inherent in our choice of output. This choice is bigger than it has ever been. This talk will discuss and provoke discussion about these choices and how we might make them.

Dr. Sophie Triantaphillidou ASIS FRPS - Output Colour Spaces
University Of Westminster
This talk reviews commonly used colour spaces in imaging applications and distinguishes between device dependent, device calibrated and device independent spaces. Advantages and disadvantages of various 'standard' colour spaces will be discussed, in terms of colour gamut, image encoding and implementation.

John Higgins - The Secret Life of Inkjet Media
Kodak Ltd.
Inkjet printing has developed into an important means of making marks on surfaces. For example, for more than five years now it has been possible to print 'photo-quality' images using low cost, desktop inkjet printers. Inkjet media plays a vital part in the printing process and this talk will outline the problems that must be overcome, together with the solutions and compromises offered by the various 'flavours' of inkjet media.

Prof. Ralph Jacobson ASIS HonFRPS - "Where Have All the Pictures Gone?"
University Of Westminster
Digital storage and output media has so far no proven track record for its longevity. This paper reviews the life expectancy of conventional and digital media in relation to how it is measured and the basis of the claims made for some unexpectedly long life expectancies.

Dr. David Monk - Digital Cinema - Status and Image Quality Requirements for the Big Screen
Imaging Consultant
This talk will review the history and progress of digital and electronic cinema. It will discuss the key image quality requirements in relation to the Human Visual System. As a keen film and digital photographer David will relate the new movie technology to the challenges facing digital photographers.

Dr. Myrddin Jones - Electronic Displays Explained (2.4Mb pdf)
Hitachi Europe Ltd.
This talk will provide an overview of the various electronic display technologies common in the market and will review their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, there will be an introduction to new and emerging display technologies and how the market could develop in the next few years.

Prof. Lindsay W. MacDonald FRPS - What Determines Good Image Quality?
London College of Communications
It is a truism that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet for assessment of the quality of image reproduction this is also the case. The successful application of colour management technology depends just as much on user requirements and preferences as on measurements and metrics.

Clare L. Webb - "Never Ending Data"
Image Archiving Consultant
Information management, backup, storage, working procedures are terms associated with business and the management of vast data. However as more photographers move into the digital realm finding and managing their information becomes increasingly difficult. This talk provides an insight into efficient information management for photographers and those working with digital imaging.