Toolbox and Links

External documents and software

Here are links to documents (e.g. Optimum Print Width) and to external sites (e.g. IMATEST and Scion Image) which have software and tools of interest to imaging scientists.

Scion Image
Scion Image was originally written by the National Institute of Health, USA. It is an image processing package that allows you to perform a large array of processing tasks from a more scientific basis. It enables you to perform convolution, creating your own masks, as indicated in the talk by Dr Robin Jenkin at Good Picture 2004. In addition it will allow you to perform Fourier transforms and a whole host of other functions. Finally it has a fully functioning macro programming language to take the strain out of repetitive tasks. The package may be downloaded free of charge at

Imatest is a very reasonably priced digital camera testing program that has been written by Norman Koren. It provides comprehensive information on sharpness, colour, tone reproduction and noise information in a simple and easy to use manner. Trial and full versions may be downloaded from Norman has written a comprehensive website based on a huge amount of experience as a photographer and it is well worth a browse with its comprehensive information and tutorials covering a wide range of subjects. This may be found at

Optimum Print Width
Lionel Baker gave a presentation at the Good Picture 2004 symposium (December 2004) in which he described a novel method of assessing the quality of images produced by digital cameras. He defined a parameter called "Optimum Print Width" which uses a sector star test chart in a simple, cheap and very practical test which can be carried out by even the most non-numerate user. Full details of the technique can be found here (PDF file).

Links to external sites of interest

Here are links to sites (e.g. universities, institutions and companies) known to be active in imaging science and technology.

School of Media Arts and Design, University of Westminster The School of Media Arts and Design is the home of an interdisciplinary group of researchers that provides a unique synthesis between the many scientific disciplines associated with the quantification of images and imaging systems. These areas include: physics, psychophysics, computing, statistics, image processing, colour science, visual perception and art/science interaction.

Society for Imaging Science and Technology is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to keep members aware of the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of imaging through conferences, journals and other publications.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science
The faculty at the Center for Imaging Science are involved in many facets of imaging research, and are always looking at the emerging trends in many areas of imaging science.

National Media Museum
This interactive museum is located in Bradford, UK, and is part of the National Museum of Science and Industry. It is the most visited national museum in the UK (outside London), attracting approximately 750,000 visitors each year.

British Institute of Professional Photography
Independent non-profit association designed to put you in touch with the best photographer for your purpose.